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When it comes to fitness for kids, there are few professional who dedicate their skills and time to providing professional fitness services specifically for kids. The Fitness Kids is a personal training company located in Randburg, Johannesburg. It is a company that was created out of the passion to lovingly and efficiently teach and guide children through fitness in a fun and physically engaging environment. We draw inspiration from our little client’s when their faces light up as they go through different milestones.

At The Fitness Kids Gym, we believe that every kid can do any sport, regardless of how daunting it may seem. For this reason, we have implemented policies to ensure that every Fitness Kid has the opportunity and resources to accomplish great things. We strive to improve your child’s sporting abilities by increasing their fitness and strength levels.

Brandon, our coach, is a seasoned fitness coach who has been working with kids for over three years. He is a coach at St. Stithians Boys Prep where he coaches full time. He is an exceptional kids’ fitness instructor and personal trainer, with a strong background in fitness training. During his school years, Brandon ran cross country for Northern Gauteng district team. Since then, he has always implemented the principles of teamwork and discipline in all of his fitness classes. Brandon is always up to date with everything related to kids’ fitness. He is a highly motivated coach who is fun and eager to teach every student to meet their individual goals and one of our great assets. 

Every fitness class is professionally and thoroughly thought out, so your child is always in safe hands. All our classes have a maximum of 10 kids so that each child can get the attention and instructions required to execute their daily challenges. We understand that fitness for kids is different; therefore, every session is fun-filled and engaging.

Our services transcend physical fitness. We are also invested in the mental and emotional health of your kids! Motivation, inspiration, co-operation, and friendliness are mandatory in every class. Having attended regular fitness seminars with other coaches and industry professionals, Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge that facilitates excellent classes for every child. Do you want to raise a confident and healthy child? Sign up today or contact us now.

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